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Upcoming Chances to Learn About Kata Containers

Curious about Kata Containers? See where you can find Kata talks at upcoming conferences:


Open Source Summit North America, August 29-31

"Spice up your workloads with Kata Containers", Ricardo Aravena, Branch Metrics


Container Camp UK, September 6-7

Kata Containers is a Container Camp sponsor; come visit the Kata booth!


Open Source Summit EU, October 22-24

"Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VM's--Even in a nested environment!", Eric Ernst, Intel and KY Srinivasan, Microsoft

"Painting a picture of the KVM use cases in the container world," Fabian Deutsch, Red Hat

"Improve the container image compatibility on ARM," Wei Chen, ARM and Penny Zheng, ARM

All throughout Open Source Summit, you can catch a demo of Kata Containers, hosted at the Intel booth in the expo hall.


OpenStack Summit Berlin, November 13-15

"Use Kata Containers to deploy an NFV MPLS-EVPN", Marian Tudosoiu, 1&1 and Alexandru Bogdan Pica, 1&1

"FaaS with Kata Containers", Madhuri Kumari, Intel; Mrittika Ganguli, Intel; and Teck Joo Goh, Intel

"Kata Containers and gVisor: A Quantitative Comparison", Xu Wang, Hyper.sh


KubeCon North America, December 11-13

Kata Containers is a KubeCon sponsor; come visit the Kata booth!