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Kata Containers 1.0

Announcing Kata Containers 1.0

The 1.0 release of Kata Containers is here! Thank you to the more than 40 individuals who have contributed to the first release of Kata Containers and to developing the Kata community.

This first release of Kata Containers completes the merger of Intel’s Clear Containers and Hyper’s runV technologies, and delivers an OCI compatible runtime with seamless integration for container ecosystem technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. Not familiar with Kata Containers? Watch a session about Kata, or read the one pager.

You can get started with Kata Containers today by visiting the Kata GitHub.

Start with the Install Guide.

Kata Containers 1.0.0 components:

Kata Containers runtime 1.0.0 (in the /runtime repo)

Kata Containers proxy 1.0.0 (in the /proxy repo)

Kata Containers shim 1.0.0 (in the /shim repo)

Kata Containers agent 1.0.0 (in the /agent repo)

KSM throttler 1.0.0 (in the /ksm-throttler repo)

Guest operating system building scripts (in the /osbuilder repo)

Get Involved:

Thank you to the Kata Containers 1.0 code contributors:

Anne Bertucio

Archana Shinde

Basheer K

Belen Ibanez

Eric Ernst

Erick Cardona

Gabriela Cervantes

Graham Whaley

Haomin Tsai

Harshal Patil

Hui Zhu

James O. D. Hunt

Jimmy McArthur

Jonathan Bryce

Jose Carlos Venegas Munoz

Julio Montes

Lai Jiangshan

Lauren Sell

Liang Chenye

Li Yingjun

Malhar Vora

Mark Ryan

Melvin Hillsman

Nirmoy Das

Nitesh Konkar

Peng Tao

Penny Zheng

Ruidong Cao

Salvador Fuentes

Samuel Ortiz

Sean McGinnis

Sebastien Boeuf

Shuquan Huang

Stefan Hajnoczi

Swapnil Kulkarni

Xu Wang

Yash Jain

Zhang Wei

And to the many more who helped shape the first release of Kata through advising technical direction, community development and governance, and more.