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Kata Containers Architecture Committee September Elections

By Kata Containers on 04/09/2019

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Kata Containers Architecture Committee elections for September 2019 are now… OPEN!!

The Architecture Committee (AC) is comprised of 5 members, who are elected by contributors. The AC elections take place every six months, in February (2 seats available) and in September (3 seats available). The AC is responsible for architectural decisions, including standardization, and making final decisions if Maintainers disagree.

**Timeline for the September election cycle:
**• Candidacy open: September 3–12
• "Debate period": September 13–20
• Voting: September 23–27
• Results: September 30

Thus, the window is open now through September 12 for candidates to post their submissions.

The process to submit a nomination is:

  1. Review the responsibilities of the Architecture Committee members.

  2. Between now and September 12 at 15:59 UTC, you can declare your candidacy for one of the open seats by submitting a textfile with your name (please put your name as the file name), the reason for running and your platform/objectives to this folder.

3)Please also send a message to the kata-dev mailing list (kata-dev@lists.katacontainers.io) with this same information, declaring your candidacy.

**Who can vote:
**Anyone who has had a commit merged into the project in the last 12 months will be eligible to vote. All eligible voters will receive an email with a link to the voting system once the voting period opens.

Full details of the election process are outlined here and in the etherpad at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/KataACElections_Sept2019.

Once candidacy entry has closed and we enter the debate period the election officials will openly ask the candidates questions on the kata-dev mailing list. The Kata community is encouraged to submit suggested questions on the etherpad.

Please contact info@katacontainers.io with any questions.