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Join to contribute code, documentation, and use cases

Kata Containers is open source, which means it relies on contributors like you! All areas of Kata Containers are open for contribution. Here is some useful information.

How to Contribute

Installation Guides: View the docs
GitHub Repo: github.com/kata-containers
Onboarding Deck: View the presentation
Overview One Pager: View the PDF

Kata Containers contributor metrics are available at KataContainers.Biterg.io


Slack: Kata Slack
OFTC IRC: #kata-dev and #kata-general
Mailing Lists: lists.katacontainers.io/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo
E-mail: mailto:info@katacontainers.io
Twitter: @katacontainers


Architecture Committee
The Architecture Committee works on the technical direction of the project. Meetings are on Tuesdays at 1500 UTC. You can add this meeting to your calendar and find meeting agendas & call info here.

Marketing SIG
The Marketing SIG works on developing community content as well as advocacy and outreach. You can get involved with the Marketing SIG on the Kata mailing list or by visiting #kata-marketing in the Kata Slack.


Meet the team and collaborate with us at the OpenInfra Summit and the PTG.


Kata Containers is governed according to the "four opens":

  • Open Source
  • Open Design
  • Open Development
  • Open Community

Technical decisions will be made by technical contributors and a representative technical leadership committee. The community is committed to diversity, openness, encouraging new contributors and leaders to rise up.

Learn more about Kata Containers governance, election process and the current Architecture Committee.

Code of Conduct

Our community follows the OpenInfra Foundation Code of Conduct.