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Kata Containers - Revolutionizing AI Workloads

Artificial Intelligence (AI) turned from news headline to reality almost overnight, and started to provide enhanced automation to both individuals as well as businesses, and with that increase…

By Ildiko Vancsa on 01/07/2024

Kata Containers 3.5.0 and Further Release Updates

The Kata Containers community has been making improvements to the project’s release process to be able deliver new versions more frequently, aiming for a monthly minor release cadence. The latest 3.…

By Ildiko Vancsa on 13/06/2024

Kata Containers at the April 2024 Project Teams Gathering (PTG)

The Kata Containers community participated in the recent online PTG event in April, 2024. The community had one 5-hour session booked during the event to discuss topics including release process and…

By Ildiko Vancsa on 21/05/2024